Not all Essential Oils are Created Equal

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EssentialOilsNotCreatedEqual-smallWhat is an essential oil?  Essential oils are highly concentrated aromatic extracts that are distilled from a variety of plant material including flowers, grasses, leaves, flowers, twigs, rinds of fruit, woods, resins and roots.  Just as the essential oil protects the plants from disease, there are therapeutic properties that can promote the health of a person.

There are many products on the market that claim to have pure essential oils.  However, many companies are not aware that they are being sold essential oils that have been adulterated with alcohol or synthetic copy cats, which may break down the health of the body over time.  Not all essential oils are created equal.

As a consumer, how can you know if the essential oils are the real deal?

  1. If there is a certified organic seal on the package, the company should be able to provide you the certificate of authentication.
  2. Ask the company if the essential oils are tested through Gas Chromotography/Mass Spectometry (GC/MS). If yes, then request a copy of the report, which identifies the chemical components of the essential oil.  Although GC/MS testing is not 100% foolproof, it can be a screening tool for the consumer.  If the company will not provide it, I would question if the company has a legitimate process of testing. You need to decide as a consumer if you want to do business with that company.
  3. Find out the expiration date. If an essential oil has oxidized, you do not want to apply it to your skin. If the company provides a GC/MS report online, the date of distillation and helf life is usually posted as well. Disregard the myths that essential oils do not expire as long as they are kept in a cool, dark place. Some essential oils have a suggested shelf life of 2 years (lemon, grapefruit) while others have a shelf life of 20 years (patchouli).
  4. Statements such as “therapeutic grade” or “aromatherapy grade” may not be accurate. No governmental agency or generally accepted organization “grades” or “certifies” essential oils as “therapeutic grade,” “medicinal grade,” or “aromatherapy grade” in the U.S. There is no formally approved grading standard used consistently throughout the essential oil industry. A company may use this as a means of informing the consumer that they carefully select the essential oils. Other companies may use this phrase deceptively.

For more information on this topic, visit this site.

As of 2016, the essential oils used in Oils of Shakan products are from Aromatics International or Plant Therapy. Both of these companies use third party testing and post the GC/MS reports on their website for easy access. The suggested shelf life is posted, which helps us keep track of expiration dates of the oils in Oils of Shakan products. In addition, the owners have a personal relationship with many of the distillers. The Lord created the plants and trees for our health and pleasure. Taking the time to ensure the purity of essential oils is a way of receiving God’s gifts to us.

          S.E.E.P. in God’s Presence

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