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Survival Kits for Accountants

SurvivalKitTax season can be a stormy time for accountants until the April 15th tidal wave subsides. To help ride the wave Jonathan Ingalls, Financial Advisor/Vice President of Ameriprise Financial and Rosie Dennerlein, Founder/Product Developer for Oils of Shakan, LLC teamed up to support Jonathan’s accountant partners by providing them with a “Survival Kit”.

The kits include Wise and Awake, an essential oil roll on that helps promote mental clarity and focus. Other miscellaneous items include erasers to “erase” their mistakes, band aids for paper cuts, and digestive supporting candies.

If you would like more information about financial advising services you can contact Jonathan Ingalls. If you have any questions about Oils of Shakan products you can contact Rosie Dennerlein or click on Learn More/Shop.

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