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Inspirational Workshop!

“Forgiveness & Essential Oils Workshop Attendee who purchased CALMcentration essential oil roll-on:

Rosie shared a little of her Forgiveness journey, which inspires love, hope and redemption…the essential oil products that Rosie has put together are very soothing to the senses. I think their benefits are enhanced when paired with the Workshop, because when I smell the aroma I am reminded of God’s Word, which invokes peace and serenity.

I bought CALMcentration, to raise clarity. I find I also like to wear it, simply because it has a pleasing scent. It’s nice to know that the ingredients have no synthetics in them. I recommend you give the workshops and essential oil products a try. I’m looking forward to the next workshop!” – Debbie

CALMcentrationessential oils with dried herbs on science sheet









Visit Rosie’s Speaker Page for more info on presentations offered and contact info for speaking requests.

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