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Fragrant Wednesday Wisdom

Each Wednesday we will be posting a “Fragrant Wednesday Wisdom” blog or vlog (video blog) to our website. If you are on our email mailing list, you will also receive a “Fragrant Wednesday Wisdom” each Wednesday. You can sign up for our mailing list here.

Our first “Fragrant Wednesday Wisdom” post is titled “Beauty from the Inside Out”:

A Smile is the best facelift, and a happy life, a key to beauty. – Olivia Newton John.

The quote from this famous actress is so true! Essential oils were created by God to travel through bloodstream to the limbic system of the brain to help balance our emotions. Resin essential oils such as frankincense and myrrh have been documented to help promote more inner peace. They are also skin nourishing, and have been incorporated into cosmetic products and perfumes since ancient history. Read more…

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