AromaStem: Wise & Awake {Essential Oil Roll-on}Testimonials

Great Study Tool!

“As a college student who has had some difficulty focusing and learning the material in my classes at times, this product (Wise & Awake) has certainly been a benefit to me! When I first started using this product a few semesters back, I had been doing poorly in my Math class. Actually, it was the 3rd time I was taking this Math class. After getting some very poor grades on the first couple of tests, I came across Wise & Awake and began to incorporate using it during my study time and then right before my test time. This created a positive, relaxing, and focused experience during my study time which then carried into my test taking times. My next test following the use of study/testing with Wise & Awake scored well! and I continued to do well the rest of the semester, happily passing this Math course. Thank you for this amazing study tool!

I also want to note that during use,  the first thing that struck me about Wise & Awake was its cleanliness. What I mean is that it didn’t smell artificial at all, it smelled like something you’d experience in a place removed from pollution or synthetic smells. Its effect of relaxation was almost instantaneous. There was a definite drop in the stress I felt after I had inhaled Wise & Awake a few times, and it completely sold me on the effects of essential oils and would gladly recommend them to anyone.” – Derek G.
Wise & Awake Essential Oil Roll-on


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