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BlogFragrant Wednesday Wisdom

Each Wednesday we will be posting a “Fragrant Wednesday Wisdom” blog or vlog (video blog) to our website. If you are on our email mailing list, you will also receive a “Fragrant Wednesday Wisdom” each Wednesday. You can sign up for our mailing list here. Our first “Fragrant Wednesday Wisdom”

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This is the basic outline of the symbolism behind the Oils of Shakan Logo: 1. the Drop – represents both God’s tears washing over the world and essential oils. 2. the Light Blue Circle– represents the world itself and a global vision with aroma around the edge of the circle. 3.

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BlogFrankincense & MyrrhScripture and Essential Oils

The Fragrant, Glory of the Lord! Welcome to the first of Scripture Scentiments from Oils of Shakan, where I will be providing tidbits of information about how essential oils were used in the Bible, and how to apply it to our lives today. The name, Oils of Shakan, was inspired

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