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Ya’ar Ease Evergreen Massage Oil



  • made with pure evergreen essential oils
  • promotes skeletal & respiratory health

*Buy any size massage oil blend and get a FREE blank refillable essential oil roll-on to pour massage oil into for easy roll-on and on-the-go.



Ya’ar Ease is perfect for Muscle Relaxation with uplifting Evergreen Oils, which can bring you back to a time when you may have taken a relaxing walk through the woods.


Ya’ar Ease may promote skeletal and/or respiratory health as indicated by the research studies cited HERE.

About Ya'ar Ease Massage Oil Blend


“Ya’ar Ease” is a Massage Oil Blend made with Evergreen Essential Oils. “Ya’ar” is the Hebrew word for “forest, wood, thicket” in English.


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Ingredients: grapeseed & olive oil, essential oils of siberian fir (Abies sibirica), balsam fir (Abies balsamea), cypress (Cupressus sempervirens), peppermint (Mentha x piperita), spruce (Picea mariana).


Apply to any part of the body except face. Store in a cool, dark place.


A poem by Michelle Guibert entitled “Woodland Sanctuary” was written about Ya’ar Ease. Read that poem HERE.


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Weight 2 oz

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6 reviews for Ya’ar Ease Evergreen Massage Oil

  1. Elizabeth

    At the end of the day of hard work on our property…the Ya’ar Ease is a welcome scent as either my husband or I gets to massage the other’s sore shoulders.

  2. Bonnie Lou

    I had noticed my hands a few years ago looking like skeletons, with the bones very pronounced and overall dehydrated, ugly, even scary looking. They had been like this for a long time. I am in my mid-fifties but my hands were looking like they were in their eighties. I am not exaggerating. Since I love the evergreen oil (Ya’ar Ease) so much, I constantly put it on my hands so I can delight in its fragrance. The amazing result of loving it, is that my hands have comeback to life. They are soft, supple, and look beautiful again!

  3. Linda, Age 69

    I used to wake up with aches in my joints in the morning, until I started using Ya’ar Ease. Before I go to bed, I apply Ya’ar Ease to my knees, elbows and ankles that develop aches after a long day. I work it in and pray it in, and I wake up with no discomfort! I play golf and do zumba. I enjoy being active, and Ya’ar Ease helps me stay that way.

  4. Elizabeth

  5. Marissa Agostini

    Out of all of the Oils of Shakan, I enjoy the Ya’ar Ease massage oil the most. I work at a garden center year round and my hands often get dry, rough and cracked. The oil works far better than any other lotion or cream on the market and would recommend to anyone… whether it be for the whole body, or just the hands! -Marissa Agostini, The Kensington Garden Center, Berlin, CT

  6. Lesley

    I applied some Ya’ar Ease (formerly named Ya’ar Evergreen Kingdom & Walk in the Woods) to the inside of my wrist and on my neck as I breathe in deeply the woodsy scent of evergreens.

    I also recalled your comment, to “spray and pray.”

    As the scent of evergreens surrounded me, I enjoyed a reprieve from the hectic office atmosphere and entered into the comfort of a walk in the woods. Thank you so much for sharing your fragrant products with me.

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