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St. Patrick & the Power of Forgiveness

Love your enemies.  That’s exactly what St. Patrick did. He lived out the message of Jesus from the Sermon on the Mount.

In spite of the popular belief that St. Patrick was an Irishman, he was actually born and raised in England of an aristocratic, Catholic family.  At the age of 16, St. Patrick was kidnapped by Irish pirates, and taken captive for 6 years in Ireland under the rule of the druids.   Druids are known for their practices of torture and sorcery.  St Patrick may have also witnessed human sacrifices (the druid practice of this is under debate).

In St. Patrick’s spiritual autobiography, Confesio, he writes about despising the savages that controlled his life.  He also struggled with inner torment from a deep sin that he had committed before his captivity.  He fervently turned to God through prayer and fasting, and had several divine encounters.

Ireland celtic cross at medieval cemetery under fiery sky
Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you (Matt 5:44)

During the 6th year of his captivity, St. Patrick he cried out to God and heard a voice, “You will do well to fast since you will be going to your own country.”  Later he heard, “See, your ship is ready.”

After a miraculous escape and a dangerous journey back to Britain, Patrick reconnected with his family.  While in Britain, he had a dream that one Victoricus delivered him a letter entitled, “The Voice of the Irish.” As he read it, he seemed to hear a certain company of Irish pleading, “We beg you holy boy to return to us.”  

“Deeply moved,” he says, “I could read no more.” God had called him to return to the land where he was held captive to convert the druids to Christianity.  By the supernatural power of God, he overcame many death threatening encounters to transform a primarily pagan country to Christianity.

St. Patrick is a great example of extending mercy and forgiveness. He could have refused God’s calling for him to go back to the land of his captivity.  His choice to forgive and to extend mercy paved the way to transform an entire country.  St. Patrick also received God’s grace for the “terrible” sinful act he committed as a teenager.

St. Patrick forgave others.  St. Patrick forgave himself.

Are you struggling with forgiving someone or yourself?  Asking Jesus to help forgive others or ourselves allows us to walk in the freedom that God desires for us.

The power of forgiveness heals and enables us to live out our God given destiny…just like St. Patrick.

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