Testimonies & Reflections from 2016

Testimony after testimony were reported in 2016. Although Oils of Shakan LLC was only in its second year as a start-up business, Rosie received an average of one testimony per week throughout the 2016 year…thanks be to God for the therapeutic properties that He created in essential oils. Many of the testimonies have been posted on the website at

In the video below, Rosie Dennerlein, Founder of Oils of Shakan LLC and Michelle Guibert, Marketer/Designer for Oils of Shakan LLC, capture some of the highlights of the testimonies and the Oils of Shakan journey.

Oils of Shakan 2016 Testimonies & Reflections with Rosie & Michelle

In the video, Rosie shared a story of a gal who read the WEIGHT LOSS and QUITTING SMOKING blog, which led her to give Inhale Delights as Christmas gifts.

To access the blog on how essential oils may help in losing weight and smoking cessation, Click Here. She also gave other Oils of Shakan gifts to help family members to help feel more calm and uplifted.

For a healthy start to 2017, check out the 31 Tips for Healthy Living with Essential Oils and bask in…

God’s Fragrant Blessings!



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Frankincense Skin Nourisher ➭ May help with skin rash.*
Inhale Delight! Sunny Days ➭ May help quit smoking.*
Eleos “the Fragrance of Forgiveness”       Essential Oil Roll-on



Inhale Delight! Breath of Fresh Air ➭ May help with respiratory health & sinus congestion.*

















Wise & Awake Essential Oil Roll-on ➭ May be used for uplifting & mental clarity.*











*based on the testimonies we have received or research studies that have been done.


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